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Loving Retro Cartoons, Anime, and Video Games | An Adult Fangirl's Journey - Mini Blog 2

I don’t care how old I get, I will always be a collector and I will always love my fandoms—cartoons, anime, video games, toys, stuffies, whatever. I’ll admit that it has taken some time to get as comfortable as I am now about my hobbies. 



I’ll be honest, I went through a period (two times actually) where I wanted to leave my “childish” ways behind. In my head, I thought that I wasn’t allowed to like cartoons and video games because I was an adult. I felt that my time for being a fangirl stopped once I started my “big girl” job. I felt that becoming a teacher meant that I had to be serious. 


However, I was wrong--closing the door on the fandoms that I love and that fill me with joy was a mistake. I wasted time trying to be someone who did not exist. 

It only took a year or so before I realized that I could not live this way. 

So it was back to collecting my playing cards, watching anime, and analyzing cartoons. I know that geek/nerd culture is embraced now but I am at the point where I can embrace it too. I used to be embarrassed to share my hobbies because I felt that no one would understand. But now I know that it’s okay to buy things that make me happy and make me feel good. 

Fast forward to now, and I've got plenty of cosplays under my belt, a blog dedicated to retro collecting, and I'm even an administrator for an anime Facebook group. I'm proud to embrace my geek/nerd culture and it's been an awesome journey so far. I'm thrilled to see what's to come!

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