My Favorite Things- August, September, October

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The past quarter of the year has been a super busy one. If you don’t know, I am a full time special education teacher. At the beginning of the school year, I barely had time to write. However, I continued to find cool items online. Here are my favorite things from August, September, and October. 


1. Dragon Ball Z Ocean Dub box sets- “Dragon, Dragon, Rock the Dragon! Dragon Ball Zeeeeee!” In October, I decided to start collecting the Dragon Ball Z VHS tapes. I have exactly one tape from childhood because I always recorded episodes from TV. I thought it was cool that placing the tapes together formed a picture. But I honestly was never interested in them. Now that I’m older, I can appreciate the artwork and design that went into designing the sets. I am also excited to own the Ocean dub on VHS. (I already have the Rock the Dragon set). 


2. Race for Your Life Charlie Brown (1977)- The theme song popped in my head one night and so I had to look it up on YouTube. I used to watch this movie with my family as a kid. My only copy was misplaced so I decided that it was time to own it again. 

3. DIGITNOW Record Player- I have been wanting a record player for years. The problem is that I could never find one that I really liked. I kept collecting vinyl records in hopes of finding the perfect one on day. Well, I found the perfect one in October. Not only does it match my living room’s 70’s aesthetic, but it has cool features too. It has Bluetooth to connect speakers, FM radio, and a USB and SD card port to convert vinyl to an MP3!. It has really been a nice addition to my home. 


4. BoA - "Love and Honesty" (2004) Like many people in the early 2000s, I watched Inuyasha on Adult Swim. I loved the story and especially the music. Ending 4, “Every Heart”, introduced me to the legendary Jpop and Kpop artist BoA. I love all of her early 2000s albums but "Love and Honesty" is my favorite one. I am so glad that I finally own a copy!

5. Dirty Pair Flash on VHS (1994)- This summer, I decided to start collecting VHS tapes. The first series that came to mind was Dirty Pair Flash. Luckily, I was able to get the entire series from one seller on eBay. I haven’t watched the series in a while so I’m excited to get back into it! 


Do you own any of my favorite things? Let me know below! 

Thank you so much for reading this post. Becoming a collector has been a fun journey for me and I can’t wait to see what the next month brings! 

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