Retro Rainbow- The Orange Collection

Retro Rainbow- The Orange Collection

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Updated 11/15/23

Part 2 of my series Retro Rainbow is here! In my last post, I talked about some of my favorite red items in my personal collection. Today's post will focus on the "O" in "Roy G. Biv": orange. 

1.Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia (1985)

My introduction to the Dirty Pair series came via its spin-off, Dirty Pair Flash. My affection for both shows is equal; each possesses its unique charm. Embarking on a collection journey this summer, I eagerly began amassing both series and accompanying movies. The anticipation of completing the collection adds to the excitement. The distinctive qualities of each installment, coupled with the overall allure of the Dirty Pair universe, make this collecting venture a delightful exploration into the captivating world of these dynamic and entertaining series. I'm eagerly anticipating the completion of my collection!

2.Dragon Ball Z (1989)- Ranked as my second favorite way to experience Dragon Ball Z, the orange brick release holds a special place for me (the Ocean dub takes the top spot). Inspired by my love for the series, I initiated a quest to collect autographs from the talented Funimation cast. My first encounter with a Dragon Ball actor was Cynthia Cranz at Tokyo in Tulsa—a moment etched in my memory as my first anime convention experience. The nervous excitement I felt then only deepened my appreciation for the anime community and its vibrant, welcoming atmosphere.

3. Rock & Rule (1983)- Unlike many fans of this film, I did not grow up watching it. (I wasn’t born yet). I discovered this film while on a Great Mouse Detective forum. A post was discussing the similarities between the film’s villain, Ratigan, and Mok, the villain of Rock & Rule. Naturally, I needed to see the film for myself. I ended up finding the film online and eventually bought my own copy when I got older. The film is a perfect one for music lovers. Although the story is somewhat weak, the marriage between the music and the animation makes up for it. The film features music by Debbie Harry, Cheap Trick, ZZ Top, Earth, Wind,& Fire, Lou Reed, and more. I still listen to “Send Love Through” and “Triumph” on a regular basis. (The DVD is no longer available for a reasonable price on Amazon.)


4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) - When I was in college, I was a cashier at Walmart. After my shift, I would browse the entertainment area to see what DVDs I could scoop up. One day, I found the first three TMNT movies for $5 each. I loved watching the movies as a kid so I was glad to finally own them. The first film was a departure from the popular animated series but I still consider it one of the best adaptations of the series. 

5. The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (1984) - Like many kids in the 2000s, I was a big fan of Teen Titans series that was currently airing on Cartoon Network. I knew of the original Teen Titans but this series was my introduction to the 80s Titans. Whenever I could, I would read scans from the comics online. In 2005, I received this comic as a Christmas gift. I read it so many times as a kid. Once I got a job, I started buying other “New Teen Titans” comics. To this day, this is my favorite comic book. 

6. Charmander, Pokémon (1996) - As a lifelong Pokémon enthusiast, my unwavering commitment to the Pokémon world remains steadfast. While the original games aren't my primary focus, the anime and manga hold a special place in my heart. The enduring nostalgia for the classic starters led me to acquire a Charmander Funko Pop figure, a tangible expression of my ongoing passion. The irresistible cuteness of Charmander made it a must-have addition to my Pokémon collection. Now proudly displayed, this little Charmander serves as a cherished link to the captivating animated universe that has been an integral part of my life for years.

7. Tekken 5 (2004) - Undoubtedly, my all-time favorite fighting series is Tekken. The vibrant array of characters with their eccentric backstories adds a unique charm that I thoroughly enjoy. Despite the convoluted storyline, I find it endlessly fascinating. Following my less-than-ideal experience with Tekken 4 (my least favorite entry), the arrival of Tekken 5 brought immense joy. It now holds the top spot in my ranking, surpassing even Tekken Tag 2 as my preferred installment in this beloved series.

8. Atom Ant Pez Dispenser (1965)- “Up and Atom, Atom Ant!” Discovering an Atom Ant Pez Dispenser at Game Stop brought a smile to my face. Its undeniable charm hooked me, and I couldn't resist adding it to my collection. Atom Ant triggers fond memories of Cartoon Network's golden era when classic shows filled the airwaves. Before their shift to original content, the network served as a haven for cartoon enthusiasts. Atom Ant, with his small but mighty character, symbolizes that cherished past. This Pez Dispenser isn't just a trinket; it's a tangible link to the animated history that resonates with collectors and fans alike.

What do you think of this list? What are some of your favorite orange things? Let me know below! 

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