Welcome to Retro Unicorn: An Introduction

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Updated: 4/09/20

I personally want to welcome you to The Retro Unicorn; a place where I’ll be celebrating my love for geeky, nerdy, and quirky things of the past through fashion, blog posts, videos, and whatever else I create. I love cosplay,cartoons, music, films, video games, anime, anime conventions, and so much more.



The Retro Unicorn has been a part of my life since 2002 in the form of a dream. I watched every fashion television show, I read every fashion magazine, and I even started designing clothes. I had my heart set on attending The Art Institute of Dallas so I wrote my senior paper about my plans to open up a boutique.

In addition to designing clothing, I decided to blog because I’ve always had a habit of analyzing things. I rarely see things at face value and love to take things apart and see how and why they work. But most of all, I love sharing my thoughts with other people who are just as intrigued as I am.



The first anime series I ever laid eyes on was Yama Nezumi Rokki Chakku (Rocky Chuck, the Mountain Rat). The series told the story of a woodchuck named Rocky and his animal friends who went on adventures while avoiding predators; namely a weasel, a fox, and a farmer. However, the series was known as The Fables of Green Forest on the English language channel while I was living in Germany circa 1992. Being that I was only 3 years old at the time, I had no idea that I was watching an anime series from 1973. But what I did know is that I was viewing an enjoyable piece of animation. When Sammy the Blue Jay screamed “TROUBLE! TROUBLE!” in the opening sequence, I knew that I was in for an adventure.



Fast forward to the mid-90s and by this time I had viewed shows like Speed Racer, and G-Force (Gatchaman). However, it was not until I discovered Sailor Moon that I found out that it was from Japan and called anime. The characters, storylines and music demanded my attention and I needed more of it. It was through Toonami that I discovered Dragon Ball ZIt was through the small video rental shop by my house that I was able to watch Ranma ½ . Showtime, Sy-Fy, and HBO introduced me to classics such as AkiraArmitage IIIProject A-Ko and Dirty Pair.  I could go on.  But not only did I enjoy watching anime, I loved to talk about it. I would talk to anyone who would listen.



This is my 4th or 5th time starting a blog; I lose count. I get an idea, try to start a blog and then I leave it to die after a few months. But sometimes, life takes over and things change so I have trouble creating content and loose steam. But the 4th (or 5th) time is a charm. I absolutely cannot contain my excitement as I begin this journey.  Stayed tuned, hold on, and get ready to be a part of The Retro Unicorn!



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