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"THE ONE PIECE" Will Be an Anime Remake on Netflix with Wit Studio at the Helm

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In a spellbinding revelation, Wit Studio, renowned for crafting animated hits like Attack on Titan and Spy x Family, has unveiled a reimagining exclusively for Netflix.

Stealing the spotlight at Jump Festa 2024, the announcement came with a tantalizing teaser and captivating artwork. THE ONE PIECE, a rebirth of the beloved manga, is set to evoke the spirit of 90s anime, starting its journey with the cherished East Blue Saga. However, key details such as release dates, additional personnel, and the cast remain shrouded in anticipation, heightening the intrigue of this nostalgic renaissance in classic anime.

How Old is One Piece?

One Piece, a magnum opus conceived by Eiichiro Oda in 1997, evolved into a timeless 90s anime in 1999. Lasting over 1,000 episodes, it chronicles the daring exploits of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew in pursuit of the coveted "One Piece" treasure. The series continues to be one of Toei animations most popular series and is the best-selling manga series of all time with 516.6 million copies sold. The series remains a cornerstone of anime and includes 15 films, video games, and a well-recieved live action series on Netflix.

What Other Anime Has Wit Studios Made?

Established in 2012, Wit Studio proudly holds an esteemed legacy in crafting timeless anime series. Among their notable creations are the initial three seasons of the groundbreaking Attack on Titan, The Ancient Magus' Bride, Ranking of Kings, Vinland Saga, and Spy X Family. In addition to their television successes, the studio has lent its creative prowess to the cinematic realm with remarkable films such as Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us, Bubble, and the Attack on Titan OVA No Regrets.


Where Can I Watch Episodes of the One Piece Anime?

While eagerly anticipating THE ONE PIECE, fans can immerse themselves in the original East Blue Saga and the entire One Piece series on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Netflix.

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