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sailor moon human luna cosplay

💕My name is Sarah AKA @hellochica89. I’m a real life cartoon who loves many of things that you all do including anime, cartoons, video games, and all types of music (including Kpop and Jpop).

🐢Some of my fandoms include Dragon Ball, Pokemon , Teenange Mutant Ninja Turtles, Animal Crossing, Attack on Titan, Sanrio, and so much more. I’m an 80s baby and 90s kid who grew up on the Disney Afternoon, Nicktoons, Cartoon Network, and Toonami.

👚I have a tiny online thrift shop that will be expanding soon! But for now, you can follow me here:

IG Account: @shop_retro_unicorn

📝I am also the founder of the blog @the_retro_unicorn! (https://www.theretrounicorn.com/) I originally started the account as a way to express my love of all things retro. I “Retro Unicorn” is an outlet for me to celebrate all things retro and I’m hoping that you come along for the ride! 

🙇🏾‍♀️Thank you all for your support! Good things are coming! Stay tuned!

🦄Again, you can follow me here:
Personal IG: @hellochica89
Blog IG: @the_retro_unicorn
Shop IG: @shop_retro_unicorn
Website: https://www.theretrounicorn.com