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From Anime Screens to Your Decks: Yu-Gi-Oh Classics Resurrected in Maze of Millennia

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Yu-Gi-Oh Classics Take Center Stage in Historic Maze of Millennia Debut

In a momentous event for Yu-Gi-Oh fans, anime-only cards, including the iconic Eye of Illusion, are set to make their print debut in the groundbreaking Maze of Millennia set. This release, poised to revolutionize the trading card game, brings to life pivotal cards like the Eye of Illusion, Mad King Brron’s Clorless, and Sergey Volkov’s Harmonic Synchro Fusion, offering players a chance to incorporate these iconic elements into their decks.

Maximillion Pegasus' use of the Eye of Illusion in a critical second-episode duel against Yugi Moto, granting him control over Yugi's Dark Magician, remains etched in the annals of Yu-Gi-Oh lore. Despite its significance in the anime, the Eye of Illusion mysteriously disappeared from subsequent episodes and was notably absent from the real-world trading card game.

Konami's Maze of Millennia set extends beyond nostalgia, promising a multitude of new cards inspired by the diverse worlds of Yu-Gi-Oh, as stated in the company's official announcement. Die-hard enthusiasts can now experience a tangible connection with classic anime cards that were once confined to the animated realm. Notable inclusions, such as the Eye of Illusion, address the historical absence of iconic cards in classic sets like Legend of the Blue Eyes White Dragon, or Metal Raiders.

A Retro Anime Powerhouse - Yu-Gi-Oh's Triumph and Enduring Cultural Appeal

Even after more than two decades since its inception, Yu-Gi-Oh remains an enduring force that captivates fans across both physical and digital landscapes. The franchise's recent triumph in the form of the Master Duel simulation game is a testament to its unwavering and timeless appeal. Surpassing expectations, the game swiftly garnered tens of millions of downloads within its initial months, solidifying Yu-Gi-Oh's status as a beloved and influential cultural phenomenon.

When did the Yu-Gi-Oh card game first release? 

The Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game first appeared in 1999 in Japan with the North American adaptation launching in 2002. Yu-Gi-Oh cards can be purchased from the official website and at retailers nationwide such as Amazon. 

When did the Yu-Gi-Oh anime first premiere? 

The original Yu-Gi-Oh anime first premiered on April 4, 1998 in Japan on TV Asahi. Produced by the legendary Toei Animation, the anime ran for 27 episodes, concluding on October 10, 1998. The English adaptation by 4Kids Entertainment first aired on September 29, 2001 on Kids' WB. 

Where can I watch Yu-Gi-Oh? 

Yu-Gi-Oh anime is available to stream for free on a plethora of platforms including the official website, Tubi, Peacock (up to season 4), Amazon Prime, and Pluto TV. Paid options include Hulu (all seasons) and Netflix (incomplete). The complete series is also available in a massive DVD set

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