Retro Anime Revelations: Unveiling My Favorite Merch from November 2020

Retro Anime Revelations: Unveiling My Favorite Merch from November 2020

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Updated 4/10/24

Over the past few months, I must confess that my online shopping escapades have seen a significant uptick. While I typically derive immense joy from scouring the local shops for retro treasures, recent circumstances have led me to be more cautious and stay home as much as possible. There's an undeniable charm in holding a freshly discovered figurine, book, or DVD in one's hands before adding it to the growing trove of nostalgia. Despite the changing times, my passion for collecting has endured, and I'm excited to share some of my favorite finds from November 2020.

1.Super Mario Bros Game and Watch - Portable Retro Gaming Delight


Within my collection of several copies of Super Mario Bros., a standout addition is the Game & Watch handheld. Its allure lies in its perfect size – compact enough to slip into a pocket or wallet, yet substantial enough to provide a comfortable grip. Beyond the iconic Super Mario Bros., this handheld marvel houses Super Mario Brothers 2, affectionately known as "The Lost Levels," challenging even the most adept Mario enthusiasts. Furthermore, it features the Mario anniversary edition of the classic title "Game & Watch," infusing a sense of nostalgia for any video game lover. The blend of classic gameplay and portable convenience makes this Game & Watch a treasured piece for my collection, embodying the essence of retro gaming experiences.


    2. Winking Bulbasaur plushie - A Must-Have for Pokemon fans

    Bulbasaur, my all-time favorite Pokémon, never fails to tug at my collector's heartstrings. When I encounter merchandise featuring this charming creature, I find it nearly impossible to resist. The winking Bulbasaur plushie, with its perfect size and irresistibly soft texture, was a must-have addition to my collection. Bulbasaur, forever "my number 1," brings a smile to my face whenever I glance at it. (Insert BoA reference)



    3. Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) DVD - Embracing Nostalgia with Jim Carrey's Dr. Eggman

    As a 90s kid, Sonic the Hedgehog was a big part of my childhood. Our daily routine included watching "California Dreams," munching on Doritos, and taking turns playing Sonic 2 (which is still my favorite Sonic entry). I often relied on my older brother's help to conquer the game's challenges and defeat Dr. Robotnik. It was a bonding experience filled with laughter and shared victories. 

    The 2020 Sonic film marked a bright spot in an otherwise challenging year, and I was surprised to realize that I didn't own it on home video. Jim Carrey's portrayal of Dr. Eggman and the engaging storyline left a lasting impression. Additionally, my copy of the DVD came with a delightful little comic book, adding a special touch to this already beloved film. The new Sonic movie is incredibly important for fans, representing a successful adaptation that honors the character's legacy while appealing to both longtime enthusiasts and new audiences. It celebrates Sonic's enduring popularity and cultural impact, bridging generations and sparking renewed excitement for future adventures in the Sonic universe.

    4.The Big O Complete Series Blu-Ray Collection - Toonami Nostalgia

    My introduction to many extraordinary anime series occurred during my Toonami days on Cartoon Network. Among these shows, the unforgettable Big O stood out. While it might not have been the most widely recognized series on the network, it gained enough traction to merit a second season produced by Toonami, Bandai, and Sunrise. Previously, I only had the first season on DVD, so I'm thrilled to own one of my favorite anime series in a complete set. One small disappointment is the absence of the original theme song, likely due to copyright issues. Nevertheless, the set remains a highly enjoyable addition to my anime collection.


    5.Gohan Figure: Capturing Dragon Ball Z's Spirit of Growth and Resilience

    Gohan, a cherished character from Dragon Ball, holds a special place in my anime-loving heart. During my figure-collecting journey, which began about a year ago, I acquired a stunning Gohan piece that beautifully captures him unleashing his iconic Masenko attack. This figure, my fourth Banpresto addition, consistently impresses me with its exceptional quality and intricate details that bring Dragon Ball characters to life in my collection.

    In Dragon Ball Z, Gohan's personality evolves from a shy and bookish child into a courageous and determined warrior. He demonstrates a unique blend of intelligence, kindness, and inner strength, showcasing strategic thinking and empathy in combat situations. Gohan's character development throughout the series embodies themes of growth, resilience, and the enduring strength of the human spirit. Each figure in my collection serves as a cherished representation of these meaningful characters and moments from the world of Dragon Ball.



    As I reflect on my recent online shopping adventures, I'm reminded of the joy that comes from discovering and adding new treasures to my collection. While the circumstances of this year have kept me indoors more than usual, the thrill of finding a rare figurine, a beloved plushie, or a nostalgic DVD continues to fuel my passion for collecting. As I look forward to sharing more of my favorite finds and experiences, I'm grateful for the enduring allure of retro treasures and the connections they evoke to the worlds of gaming, anime, and beyond. Here's to discovering more gems and celebrating the nostalgia that continues to enrich our lives.

    In the meantime, you can read my other blog posts about my collections. 


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