My Favorite Things- September, October, November 2020

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I admit. I have been shopping online more than usual for the past few months. I typically find my retro finds at the local shops but I've been trying my best to stay home as much as possible. There is nothing like holding a new figurine, book, or DVD in my hands before adding it to my mini stockpile. Despite the changes, I was still able to find some cool stuff this month to quench my thirst. Here are some of my favorite things from November 2020! 


  1. Super Mario Bros Game and Watch: I own several copies of Super Mario Bros but there is something special about having a Game & Watch handheld in my possession. It's small enough to slide into my pocket or wallet and big enough to fit comfortably in my hands. Besides Super Mario Bros, the handheld includes Super Mario Brothers 2 (The Lost Levels) and the Mario anniversary edition of the title game Game & Watch. 


2. Winking Bulbasaur plushie

Bulbasaur has always been my favorite Pokemon so anytime I see merch with its face on it, I have to control myself. I could NOT pass up this adorable plushie. It's the perfect size and so soft. Bulbasaur will always be "my number 1!" (Insert BoA reference)



3. Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) DVD

It's no secret that I love this blue hedgehog. This film was definitely one of the best things to happen in 2020 so I was surprised to realize that I did not own it on home video. Jim Carrey makes a great Dr. Eggman and the overall storyline is cool. I really enjoyed it. Plus, my copy came with a little comic book! 

4.Big O Blu-ray

Toonami on Cartoon Network introduced me to many awesome anime including the unforgettable Big O. While not the most popular on network, there was enough traction for a second season to be produced by Toonami, Bandai, and  Sunrise. I only had the first season on DVD so I'm glad to have the complete series. Unfortunately, the original theme song is no where to be found. (I'm assuming it due to copyright issues). The set is still enjoyable, however. 



5.Gohan Figure

Gohan, from the Dragon Ball series, is one of my favorite anime characters ever! I started collecting figures about a year ago so I had to grab this beautiful piece when I saw it. I love when Gohan does the masenko! This is my 4th Banpresto figure and I am really impressed with the quality and details. 


These past few months have been a whirlwind but I still have time to do some collecting. Be on the lookout for December's list! 

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