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Take Flight with "Porco Rosso"

Take Flight with "Porco Rosso"

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    "Porco Rosso," a 1992 animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli, is a beloved retro anime set in post-World War I Italy.

    The story follows Porco Rosso, a former fighter pilot turned bounty hunter who has been mysteriously transformed into an anthropomorphic pig. Living in semi-exile, Porco navigates aerial battles and personal conflicts, with key characters including the young aircraft engineer Fio Piccolo and his rival, American pilot Donald Curtis. The film's climax features a spectacular aerial duel, emphasizing themes of mutual respect and personal redemption.

    Miyazaki's film is rich with anti-war sentiments and feminist undertones. Porco's pig form symbolizes his internal struggles and wartime guilt, while Fio Piccolo represents a progressive view of women’s roles, showcasing competence and courage in a male-dominated industry. The narrative also explores themes of identity and transformation, with Porco's journey reflecting a quest for self-acceptance and redemption. As a standout piece of 90s anime, "Porco Rosso" offers a unique blend of adventure, romance, and political satire.

    Visually stunning, "Porco Rosso" showcases Studio Ghibli's meticulous animation, bringing 1920s Italy to life with vibrant colors and detailed landscapes. Joe Hisaishi's evocative score enhances the emotional depth of the film. Acclaimed for its mature themes, complex characters, and breathtaking visuals, this retro anime remains a timeless classic, resonating with audiences worldwide and cementing its place as one of Miyazaki's most cherished works.

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    Porco Rosso headerPorco Rosso header

    Porco RossoPorco Rosso

    Fio PiccoloFio Piccolo


    Donald CurtisDonald Curtis

    Porco Rosso

    A bounty hunter cursed to wear the face of a pig, Porco Rosso’s skills in the skies are unmatched.

    Fio Piccolo

    Often underestimated, Fio is an exceptional aircraft engineer.


    The owner of the Hotel Adriano, Gina is a gifted singer and a close friend of Porco Rosso.

    Donald Curtis

    An arrogant American ace pilot determined to beat Porco Rosso.

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