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The Mystical World of World of "Princess Mononoke"

The Mystical World of World of "Princess Mononoke"

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    Princess Mononoke takes viewers on a journey filled with breathtaking imagination, exhilarating battles, and profound humanity.

    Inflicted with a deadly curse, the young warrior Ashitaka embarks on a quest westward for a cure. Along the way, he becomes entangled in a bitter conflict between Lady Eboshi, the formidable leader of Iron Town, and the proud inhabitants of the surrounding forest. At the heart of this conflict is Princess Mononoke, a fierce young girl raised by wolves, who is determined to protect her home from human encroachment at any cost.

    Featuring a stellar voice cast including Gillian Anderson, Billy Crudup, Claire Danes, Minnie Driver, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Billy Bob Thornton, Princess Mononoke immerses viewers in a world where the boundaries between humanity and nature blur, and where the struggle for survival and harmony unfolds with gripping intensity.

    This epic tale is a testament to Miyazaki's unparalleled storytelling prowess and his ability to weave together themes of environmentalism, compassion, and the complexities of human nature. Princess Mononoke is not just a movie; it's an immersive experience that resonates deeply with its audience, leaving a lasting impression long after the credits roll.

    Prepare to be swept away by the grandeur of Princess Mononoke, as it stands as a shining example of the power of animated cinema to inspire, provoke thought, and stir the soul.

    Explore the box office hits of Hayao Miyazaki through "Miyazaki's Top 10 Grossing Films," featuring acclaimed masterpieces like "Howl's Moving Castle" and "Kiki's Delivery Service". Let's celebrate Miyazaki's enduring influence on the art of animation.

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    Princess Mononoke headerPrincess Mononoke header



    Lady EboshiLady Eboshi


    Also known as Princess Mononoke, San is a human who was raised by wolves and fearlessly leads the fight to protect the forest.


    A warrior inflicted with a deadly curse, Ashitaka stumbles into a war between the forest and mankind.

    Lady Eboshi

    The ruthless leader of Irontown, she seeks to clear the forest for the sake of her industrial ambitions.


    Forest SpiritForest Spirit



    Mysterious tree spirits that inhabit the forest.

    Forest Spirit

    The mythic guardian whose blood is said to be able cure anything.


    A protective wolf-god and San’s adoptive mother.

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