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My Favorite Things - January 2023

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Hello, everyone! It’s been a while but the blog is officially reopened! I got a new job last year so a chunk of my time has been dedicated to learning my new position. My plan for this year is to continue my favorite things posts to highlight games, anime, cartoons, music, and more items that I come across each month. The last quarter of the year has been a super busy one. At the beginning of the school year, I barely had time to write. However, I continued to find cool items online and I was able to post on social media. I’m grateful for the new opportunity but I am happy to finally be back to writing. So here are my favorite things from January 2023. 

    • Walt Disney’s Merriest Songs Vinyl Album (eBay)- I’ve been collecting vinyl records for over a decade but I got serious with collecting within the last 3 years. My go-to places to find new records include thrift stores and eBay. While browsing eBay the other day, I came across some Disney records. Luckily, I was able to find one that had Burl Ives' version of “Lavender Blue”. I first heard the song on Disney’s music video series DTV (I'll have to write about this in the future) and I’ve loved it ever since. The song was originally recorded for the 1948 film “Dear to My Heart” and it became a big hit for Burl Ives. I still hold this song near and dear to my heart. (insert)
      • Dragon Ball Vinyl Record (ebay)-If you’ve been following me on social media, you know that my favorite anime series ever is Dragon Ball. It dawned on me that I do not own any official Dragon Ball music! As a kid, I recorded the songs from TV onto a cassette. Later in life, I just listened to them on Youtube. Now that I am working on my collections, I’ve decided to start collecting Dragon Ball music! This vinyl includes Dragon Ball’s very first opening theme, “Makafushigi Adventure” and its ending theme “Romantic Ageru Yo”. Although I’ve heard these songs many times over the years, it was awesome to be able to play them on my record playerPopular 80s anime Dragon Ball Single Album held in front of a bookshelf with Dragon Ball merchandise
        • Backbone One (Amazon) -It took a long time for me to make this purchase. I kept getting ads for it so I finally decided to look at reviews. It turns out that it is more than just a typical controller. You can play mobile games, Steam games, or even PlayStation and Xbox games. You just snap it onto your phone and download the app (A premium version is available for a $39.99 annual fee). You just have to make sure that you get the correct controller (Xbox or PlayStation).

          I have been playing several games on the Backbone including Genshin Impact, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Oregon Trail. I even bought a carrying case so that I can take it to work. When I’m on my lunch break, I just pull it out if I feel like gaming. Overall, it was a really good investment. 

          So those are my favorite things from the past month. Do you own any of the items listed above? Let me know in the comment section. Stay tuned for next month’s edition. Thanks for reading!

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