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Epic Adventures & The Power of Nostalgia -Mini Blog 1

"bliss. perfect happiness; great joy"

Whenever I go into a thrift store, I fall into a warm, soft blanket of nostalgia. There’s something comforting about rows of VHS tapes, games, and books from yesteryear. Sure, I could easily search the internet for specific items but nothing beats sifting through a stack of vinyl records. Of course, I don’t usually go with a specific item in mind. But I may think, "I wonder what VHS tapes I can find today?” But you best believe I look through each section of the store. I don't want to miss out on a treasure. 

Sometimes I find a single item, other times I land a gem.

(Like this signed copy of “Switch on the Night” by Ray Bradbury)

I typically give myself a few hours to dawdle; after all, visiting a thrift store is like taking a trip back in time. As I pick up a vintage item, I can almost feel its history; the memories that it holds become my own for a moment. Is it possible to feel nostalgic for things that you didn't experience? 

 For me, these little trips provide a quiet escape from a busy work week or outside stressors. It’s a beautiful thing to dive into a shop and thumb through never-ending piles of retro media. I could write about this topic but I can't quite capture the feeling; so I guess I'll call it bliss. 

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